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Two Proofs that It’s Never Too Late

12 Jan

Would-be bride, 107, seeks first husband

Too afraid to wed when young, Chinese woman fears she’s a ‘burden’ to kin


BEIJING – A 107-year-old Chinese woman who was afraid to marry when she was young has decided to look for her first husband and hopes to find a fellow centenarian so they will have something to talk about, a Chinese paper reported.

Wang Guiying is worried she is becoming a burden to her aging nieces and nephews since breaking her leg when she was 102 and had to stop doing chores like washing her clothes.

“I’m already 107 and I still haven’t got married,” the Chongqing Commercial Times quoted her saying. “What will happen if I don’t hurry up and find a husband?”

Born in southern Guizhou province the child of a salt merchant, Wang grew up watching her uncles and other men scold and beat their wives and often found her aunt crying in the woodshed after an attack, the paper said.

“All the married people around there lived like that. Getting married was too frightening,” she said of an era when Chinese women had few rights and low social standing.

Many also had their feet bound in an excruciating process aimed at making them look more dainty and marriageable.

Worried about becoming a ‘burden’
After Wang’s father, mother and older sister died, she still shied away from marriage. Instead she moved to the countryside and survived as a farmer until she was 74 years old and no longer strong enough to work in the fields, the report said.

Her nephew in the booming city of Chongqing then took Wang in, but she is worried he and her other nephews and nieces are too old to take care of her now even the youngest is 60.

“My nephews and nieces are getting older and their children are already tied up with their own families and I am becoming more and more of a burden,” she said.

Local officials have said they are happy to help Wang search for a 100-year old groom, and suggested her family get in touch with old people’s homes to find candidates, the paper said.

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A Story ImageWOMAN aged 70 is believed to have become the world’s oldest mother after giving birth to a girl through IVF treatment.


Rajo Devi delivered her first healthy baby at a village fertility centre. Anurag Bishnoi, the doctor who supervised the treatment, said mother and child were healthy.

Devi, of Alewa in northern India, and her land owning husband Bala Ram, 72, were both said to be thrilled at finally conceiving a child.

 “We longed for a child all these years and now we are very happy to have one in the twilight years of our life,” said Ram.

The previous oldest mother was Romanian Adriana Iliescu, who was 66 when she gave birth to a daughter in 2005.

Since the introduction of IVF treatment in rural India, it has become relatively common for childless elderly couples to try to conceive a child.

Despite the potential health complications for the mother, it is culturally expected for a married couple to have offspring.

It means the couple’s family farm can now be passed down to their child.

The couple, who married in 1954, said the social stigma for being childless for the last 55 years has finally been lifted.

Ram said: “The child’s upbringing is no problem. We have a large family.”

Tuesday December 9,2008

Tom Morgan

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