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Is My Husband Praying for Me?

6 Jun

Image via jesuswalk.com, Unknown Artist, "Kneeling at Prayer Wall"

It’s Day Five of the 30 Day Prayer Challenge, which committed my friends and me to praying for our (future) husbands daily for 30 days.   What I am enjoying most, I think, is the praying itself.  This week the prayers that I have prayed have been focused and directed, more purposeful than usual.  I have missed this kind of intentionality in prayer.

Besides the actual praying, I’m enthralled by the unfolding of God’s grace.  The point of this prayer challenge is for me to pray for my husband—that he would become fully the husband that God would have him be.  What I perceive happening, though, is that I am being changed.  I am being led towards becoming fully the wife that God would have me be.  While I am praying for my husband, God is pointing me to the truth about where I stand relative to getting married (I am far, far away).  While I am praying for my husband, God is asking me to look at myself and observe my patterns, my history, my ways, my thoughts, my heart.  While I am praying for my husband, more and more as the days progress, I am running to God desperately asking Him to help me to change.

So I wonder.  What is happening in the spiritual realm?  Perhaps while I am praying for my husband, somewhere–near or far away–my husband is praying for me.

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Have You Prayed for Your Husband?

1 Jun
Maximov's "Sick Husband"

Maximov's "Sick Husband"

A friend recently sent me a challenge issued by Nancy Leigh Demoss’ ministry: “31 Days of Praying for Your Husband.”  The forward that my friend emailed encouraged single women to begin praying for the men that they will one day marry.

I began the challenge today with a group of my friends.  Hopefully I’ll be able to chronicle the 31-day  journey here in this blog.

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