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A New Year or Just Another Year?

7 Jan

Anonymous asked, “What happened with KS?” (from several posts back).   Answer:  nothing.


Let me also tell you what is happening with Bronxman (who appeared in the same post at KS several blogs back, and again in the post before this one):  nothing.


Finally, as for WB (my perpetual crush), what happened in December was:  for the first time in many years (10+) he did not send me a Christmas gift, he did not make a Christmas (or New Year’s) call to me, and he has yet to return my call asking him (in an absolutely kosher way)  if there’s some kind of problem.   What will become of him and me:  nothing.  I get it already, Lord. 


Moving on…


It’s 2009!  The year that Hope makes a jaw-dropping comeback!  This is going to be a fantastic year for Singles everywhere, I’m convinced.  We are approaching a tipping point in the way that Christian culture approaches the issue of singleness, and it’s only to our benefit.


Thus, my plan for 2009 is to focus a little more on the Christian Culture’s dealings with all things Single,  and to focus a little less on my personal travails.  Just a little less.  


I plan to begin with a few Captivating posts.  Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul

A must read if you haven’t.   The woman who gave me this book is going to post a guest column here very soon.


I’ll also mix in a few observations about issues raised in Plumbline Ministries’ Free Audio Downloads for Christian Singles.   I don’t know this ministry at all, but they seem to be the only ones dealing with the spiritual implications of protracted singleness, and that alone is sufficient to warrant my consideration.


God said so many wonderful things to begin the year that I’m still intoxicated by His voice.   Hurray for a New year, and not just Another year!