Waking From My Dating Snooze

12 Feb

I got the best wake-up call I could have asked for.

I talked to a friend recently who has a not-going-anywhere relationship that she will not end. Listened to her talk about how she loves and needs this man, particularly in light of the emotionally difficult time she is going through right now.  She needs him as nothing more than “a friend”, she claims loudly. Naturally, right now she does not want to let him go. This after her assurances that her last break-up with him a month ago was the real deal for real.

To me, my friend’s situation is clear, she will never be married if she wants to marry this man. But my friend does not see it.

After talking to her the light went on in my own brain. I myself, StillSingle who ought to know better, am falling into this same blinding inertia in my relationship with RN. I am holding on to his friendship, contorting it into potential romance,  for the safety and emotional support it provides. Even knowing that any romantic relationship with him would be a dead end. Even knowing that I will never be married if I wait to marry RN.


Ready or not, back into the dating fray I go.


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