Is This What Good Love Feels Like?

19 Nov

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If you are going to go to an ex’s wedding, in the weeks leading up to the event you want to be dating someone like Chris.  Chris is the kind of suitor who lavishes the object of his affection with so much attention in the weeks leading up to her ex’s wedding, that she forgets that she is sad about her ex getting married. 

While Chris and I were dating Chris called often.  He texted throughout the day.  He took me out to dinner.  He met me for lunch.  On weekends he picked me up at home (30 minutes away), dropped me off afterwards, and made a point to hold my door.  He listened and supported.  He held my hand.

I have never had a man offer himself so generously to me.  Dating Chris was a pleasure; a much needed respite from the regular regulars.  Dating Chris was an education.

 So what happened?  Unpleasantness ultimately.  And WB’s wedding. But I’ll get to all that some other time.

For now, I simply want to pause and reflect, and to memorialize, that StillSingle did enjoy a season of good–no, wonderful–dating this year.

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