Is It Possible to Recycle a Relationship?

18 Oct
Image via Google

Image via Google

From an email to friends this week:

I’ve done some regrouping this week.  My cycle was on and every troublesome thing that was emotionally brewing inside bubbled out of my heart.

Especially with regard to marriage and this wedding in November.  I had a mini-bout of despair with regard to both.  (No husband prospects.  No

Towards the end of the meltdown, it occurred to me that WB is getting
married and all I have been thinking about is myself.  I’m barraging heaven
hourly for a date to the wedding, etc., yet I haven’t prayed at all for the
wedding, the couple, the day, the guests, the marriage.  Nada.  I haven’t
prayed for WB, my friend.

This is not good.  So I’m getting a dress, and all of that.  And I’m
beginning to entertain the v.real possiblity that I will go to the event
alone.  And I’m praying that by the wedding all will be as it should be and
however it is, I will be joyful and celebratory.  Mostly though I’ve begun
to focus on the wedding as it pertains to WB and MG, the
bride and groom.
How did I forget that this day is about them?

Two days later Chris called.  Chris from 3 or 4 years ago.  Chris who was then (in his mind) separated from his wife, and who now has been divorced for years (I checked).  Charming Chris.  We went out.  He looked into my eyes and called me beautiful all night long.  We talked until they closed the restaurant and gave us free leftovers so we would leave.  Chris.

Life really is like a box of chocolates.


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