What is Infatuation?

21 Jul
Image via Bing

Image via Bing

For my friend Kay this is infatuation:

Kay likes Jay.  Jay likes Kay.  But Jay says he’s not sure that he will ever marry a woman.  He’s seeking God’s will.  Nevertheless, when I ask Kay about Jay I hear rhapsodies of love–or at least the possibility of love.  I hear of words exchanged, and looks shared, and time spent together harmoniously as if destiny draws them close.  Yet Kay and I know and agree that it’s too soon.  That things may not work out.  That this place where her heart is going is a risky place.

 For StillSingle this is infatuation:

The details of his faith life are not what I imagined they might be; he’s not currently involved in church though he is a man of faith.  The logistics of our lives are inconvenient to say the least; he lives There and I live Here.  The reality of our situation is too ridiculous to even acknowledge; we have never met.  Nevertheless.  When we talk there is a way that he has of not just hearing my voice, but of listening to what I say, and of not just listening to what I say, but of hearing what I mean.  I feel understood when we talk.  There is a way that our minds seem to meet when we converse, even when we are not agreeing.  I feel free to uncensor my expressions when I’m speaking with him.  There is a way that he has of noticing the uniqueness of ordinary me, my zany-ness you might say, and instead of being put off by me, being rather charmed, I think.  I feel accepted in his notice of me.  Yet I know that it’s too soon.  That nothing may come of this.  That “this” is not even relationship.  That this place where my heart(?) is going is a risky place.

 For Merriam-Webster this is infatuation:

 1 : to cause to be foolish : deprive of sound judgment

2 : to inspire with a foolish or extravagant love or admiration

— in·fat·u·a·tion \-ˌfa-chə-ˈwā-shən, -chü-ˈā-\ noun

It is no wonder that Merriam-Webster has been around for 162 years.  Truth endures.


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