What are the Men on Eharmony Like?

20 Jul
Image via Bing, from www.marsvenus.com

Image via Bing from http://www.marsvenus.com

Yesterday I mentioned to my prayer partner that my eharmony experience was going well.  My prayer partner, a very serious Christian woman (who, by the way, seems to adhere to a no-dating policy, as I have never known her to have a date), sort of made an audible non-comment that perfectly expressed her low opinion of online dating.  I thought, “Who does she think is online?  Cretans, infidels, and whoremongers?”


 If these types are there, they certainly have not been matched with me.  So far I have been matched with an investment banker, college professor, UPS driver,  a teacher, musician (percussionist), and various and sundry corporate types (IT, management, sales, etc.).  None of them is under 40, and none of them has ever been married (more later on this astonishing trend!).  None of them has been rude, obnoxious, strange, or otherwise unacceptably impaired.

Some highlights of my exchanges thus far:


Super Sweet


After we’d had an intense conversation about why I was single, and why he was single, I didn’t hear from guy #1 for over a week.  That’s long in dating-time.  When he did call me he said:

“I find a woman who loves the Lord extremely attractive, then added to that you are intelligent, which I love in a woman, but also, you’re so real…I just can’t get you off my mind.”

I was giddy for at least  a full day.


Super Spiritual


After we’d talked about guy #2 being a non-church-going individual, he explained to me that he was on the cusp of resolving the church issue.  But, for him, the main thing was that he prayed, and that God helped him with issues that he prayed about.  He said:


“That’s why I don’t believe in therapy.  People who go to therapy obviously don’t know how to pray.”


His words gave me pause.  I had one of those moments that I sometimes have when I’m facilitating my small group at church and a participant offers an opinion that is clear error (e.g., Jesus was simply a man and a prophet), and I have to tell her flat out that she is mistaken/not clear/misinformed/wrong.  Talking to guy #2, I was compelled to step out of my role of pleasant dining companion, and counter his perception with my own.  There are many, many people who can and do benefit from, not only prayer, but all kinds of professional help, including therapy, in dealing with their issues.


But I digress…


Super Funny


After we’d talked about movies that we thought were really funny (he named 3, I could only come up with 1), I asked guy #3 a question that, to me, was key in weighing his humoristic sensibilities.  I said:


“Let me ask you a question.”

“OK,”  he replied.


“Uhh, no.  I’m going have to go with No, Alex.  Actually, let me state it in the form of a question, ‘What is NO, Alex?’”


This still makes me laugh.  Not to mention that we were in absolute sync re:the talented Mr. Perry.


I am enjoying very much these third-party-orchestrated getting to know-you’s.  Especially when, as has happened only once so far, there’s potential energy.  You know, physics–stored energy of position.  Like when the bow string of a bow and arrow is stretched back all the way but not released.  That’s potential energy.  The conversation between my match and me drawing us towards each other and forward; that’s also potential energy.  And it’s good.


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