When the Student is Ready, The Teacher Appears, No?

2 Jun

Every so often I read a book that impacts me viscerally.  When I read such a book back in 2005, Henry Cloud’s “How to Get a Date Worth Keeping,” I bought all the books in the bookstore and handed them out to friends.  The message of the book was vital and had to get out, it seemed to me.

Today I received in the mail another such book.  “He’s Scared, She’s Scared:  Understanding the Hidden Fears that Sabotage Your Relationships,” by Steven Carter and Julia Sokol, is earth-shattering, paradigm-shifting, urgently needed truth.

I do not think that it is a coincidence that this book has arrived in the wake of me beginning to pray for and about my husband (It had been in my “cart” on Amazon for years, and not ordered until a couple of weeks before the Lord issued me the Prayer Challenge).  I do not think that it is a coincidence that I am reading the truths contained in this book mere days after verbalizing to my friends my theory that the main obstacle to many of us mid-life women getting married is we ourselves.  It is not coincidence that I received this book, not before I joined eharmony, but after I joined, after I communicated with a couple of seeming ‘real potentials’, and after this communication resulted in my having a week full of anxious thoughts and gaining about a pound a day; i.e., after starting on the road to a permanent relationship pushed me into a place of emotional fright, which, at a pound a day, could not be ignored.

I am ready as never before to face my fears–intellectually ready, emotionally ready, spiritually ready.  And into my hands, today, serendipitously, falls this book.

Please, please, please if you are over 35, single, and deeply desire to be married, READ THIS BOOK.


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